DCS WOT-230-PH 30" Stainless Steel Double Wall Oven



    DCS WOT-230-PH

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    DCS WOT-230-PH Description:

    From traditional cooking modes to highly advanced modes, the DCS WOT-230-PH Wall Oven empowers you to confidently cook with predictable, professional results. Four distinctive baking modes include everything you’d possibly need, from conventional bake, to convection bake, to convection roast, to broil.

    You won’t find a recipe you can’t perfect in this wall oven.

    When the temperature probe is used in conjunction with the Bake, Convection Bake or Convection Roast cooking mode, the oven will automatically turn off when the internal temperature of the meat has reach the pre-set temperature you’ve determined. This process ensures

    Your roasted dish is served tender and moist every time.

    Open up the door of any "residential" electric oven, and you will see the live element glowing red at the bottom of the oven. Not so with this oven from DCS. They hid the live element under the oven floor, which increases available space and distributes heat more evenly throughout the oven. That means:


    Do you like your steak broiled or baked? Turn on the broiler in any residential oven and the elements start emitting convected heat. Your precious steak begins to bake, not broil! Not so with this double wall oven from DCS. They put the broiler under glass. This allows it to use direct heat when broiling. This has been proven to cook more quickly and at a higher temperature than convected heat.

    Pull out the oven rack from a residential oven when its hot. You find it sticks. Metal expands when heated: a simple fact that appears to have escaped the notice of our competitors. At DCS, they put the racks on rollers, which means you can slide them out effortlessly when hot. That means:

    DCS WOT-230-PH Features and Benefits:

    • Four Cooking Modes:

      1. Bake:

        The Bake mode uses hot air; there is no fan. The air movement comes from natural convection. As the air heats, it moves to the top of the oven. Standard Bake mode is still the best overall timetested standard for the most desired baking results.

      2. Convection Bake:

        Convection Bake uses the fan at the back of the oven to circulate the hot air in a continuous pattern around the food for more precise baking. This circulating air heats and browns the surface of the food, which allows most foods to be cooked at lower oven temperatures or in less time than if baked at regular temperature in bake mode.

      3. Convection Roast:

        Convection Roast uses the broil and convection heating elements.

      4. Broil:

        Broiling is cooking by intense infrared heat supplied by the broil elements. It is an extremely tasty way to prepare fatty type foods and healthier than frying.

    • Six oven rack positions in each oven

    • Variable Bake and Broil temperature from 100°F to 550°F
    • °C/°F Selectable Temperature Display
    • Concealed true convection element (upper oven)
    • Concealed broil element (upper oven)
    • Tubular broil element (lower oven)
    • 12/24 Hour Selectable Clock
    • True Convection: Upper Oven
    • Professional style handle
    • Motorized oven door latch
    • Synchronized oven lights
    • Electronic oven control
    • 6 roller baking racks
    • Self Cleaning Cycle
    • Hidden bake element
    • Large oven window
    • 2 oven timers
    • Sabbath mode
    • Oven Door Lock*

      * Door lock only functions in the self clean mode

    • Food temperature probe

      For more precise cooking, you may use the food probe to cook to the internal temperature of a food product, (upper oven only).

    • Timed and Delayed cooking

      Delayed time is for setting the cooking time to start and stop at a later or more convenient time.

    • Oven Calibration

      The oven temperature may be adjusted to suit the customer. It is adjustable by ± 35°F.

    • Child safety mode

      This mode will not allow heating in either oven. Only the Clock, Timer 1 and Timer 2 will operate. This mode does not lock the doors.

    WOT-230 30" Double Wall Oven Features Diagram:

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