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How to Spell Vacuum

Vacume Vaccum Vaccuum Vacumn Vacum Vacuume... Vacuum!

Can't remember how to spell vacuum? Don't feel bad; the word, "vacuum" is among the top 100 most commonly misspelled words. Below is a simple way to help you remember, found on YourDictionary.com:

"If your head is not a vacuum, remember that the silent [e] on this one married the [u] and joined him inside the word where they are living happily ever since. Well, the evidence is suggestive but not conclusive. Anyway, spell this word with two [u]s and not like 'volume.'"


Some common misspellings of vacuum:

  • vacume
  • vaccum
  • vaccuum
  • vacumn
  • vacum
  • vacuume

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