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Steam Vacuums

Carpet Cleaner Considerations:

Got kids, pets, and guests? Then you probably have spills and messes too. While carpet cleaners are available to rent, they are also very economical to own these days and having one handy when the need arises can be invaluable. So, what should you consider before you buy your own steam vacuum?

Upright vs. Canister Carpet Steam Cleaners:

If you have large areas to clean and don't mind a little heavier weight, uprights tend to be better for this application. If you want to clean smaller areas like auto interiors and upholstery, canisters may suite your needs better.

Most uprights will hold approximately 1 gallon of cleaning solution while canisters often hold more. You may find it easier to empty the dirty water and to fill the cleaning solution tank on upright carpet cleaners, however. In addition, some models now offer a clear water rinse option.

Brush Rows vs. Rotating Brushes:

Some carpet cleaners have a stiff row of brushes to help groom the carpet as you clean but these are not as effective as the rotating brushes at loosening the embedded dirt.

The number of brushes in a rotating brush steam cleaner usually ranges from 4 to 6 and corresponds closely to the width of the cleaning path.

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