Checkout Order Number Location

All of our orders begin with the word, "patsplace-" before the actual number. It is not necessary to repeat the letters when calling or e-mailing us about your order. We only need the numerical portion of your order number.

There are two places by which you can easily locate your order number.

Online Order Confirmation Page:

    Once your order is complete, the shopping cart system will display your order confirmation page. Scroll down, if necessary, until you locate the "Order Confirmation" section of the page. Within that section is your order date and order number.

Click here to see a sample VCDiscounter order confirmation page.

E-mail confirmation of order:

    Alternatively, you may easily locate your order number in the subject line of the confirmation e-mail that is automatically sent to the e-mail address you entered when placing the order.

Click here to see a sample VCDiscounter e-mail confirmation.

    Please do not confuse the Order XID# with your Order Number. The Order XID# is a number automatically assigned by the Yahoo! shopping cart and is ued by some Yahoo! Merchants for advertising tracking purposes. We do not use this number and we cannot find your order by searching for this number.


    Your order number is also printed in the upper left hand portion of your invoice, included with your product.

Click here to see a sample VCDiscounter invoice.