Sanitaire Expert Microfiber Cleaning Mitt - MF-03

Sanitaire Expert Microfiber Cleaning Mitt - MF-03

MicroFiber - Mitt MF-03


MicroFiber - Mitt MF-03 Description:

The Sanitaire Expert Microfiber Cleaning Mitt model MF03 is a Professional Quality Microfiber Cleaning Mitt, specially designed for efficient, quick and comfortable cleaning of all kinds of surfaces in the home. Perfect for the kitchen sink, washbasins, tiles, mirrors, etc. - extremely effective for window cleaning, all without the use of chemicals. There are two sides of the Sanitaire Expert Mitt. One side is a little coarse for ingrained dirt, and the other finer, for simple dusting and polishing needs.

  • Microscopic fibers are charged with static electricity to attract dirt and dust.
  • Use on virtually any hard surface anywhere. No need for detergents. Cleans, dusts and polishes lint free.
  • Ideal for mirrors, windows, cabinets, counter tops, televisions, blinds, walls, metals and plastics.
  • Use completely dry or slightly dampened depending on the task.
  • Machine washable. Tumble dry. Do not use with bleach or fabric softeners. Use over and over, up to 300 times!
  • Mitt has two sides: A fine side for light dusting and polishing and a heavier side for tough cleaning jobs.