Lightweight Vacuums

Avanti HMUL-100 HomeMaker Lightweight Vacuum
Avanti Home Maker HMUL-100 - For a dependable, easy to use, easy to maneuver, lightweight vacuum that really gets the job done, the HMUL-100 is hard to beat.
Weighs less than 8 pounds!
$129.00 Value
Bissell 2880-1 Perfect Sweep TURBO Rechargeable Sweeper
The Perfect Sweep Turbo Cordless Rechargeable Sweeper provides a convenient and easy way to pick up daily dirt and unexpected dry messes in between routine vacuuming.
Perfect Sweep TURBO Rechargeable Sweeper
$69.95 Value
Dirt Devil M08230RED Ultra Hand Vac
The ultimate in power and convenience! The motorized brushroll is ideal for lifting pet hair and dirt from upholstery, stairs and car interiors. The crevice tool and hose are built in allowing you to rapidly switch cleaning modes. Clean the tightest spaces and switch back to the brush for floors and furniture.
Dirt Devil Ultra Hand Vac
$62.99 Value
Dirt Devil M0944 Extreme Power Wet/Dry Cordless Hand Vac
The Extreme Power Wet/Dry Cordless hand vac is the most powerful in the Dirt Devil line of cordless hand vacs. It offers 15.6 Volts of cleaning power with the ability to pick up both dry and wet messes. The patented Quick Flip Crevice Tool allows you to conveniently clean in the tightest of spaces.
Dirt Devil Extreme Power Wet/Dry Cordless Hand Vac
$62.99 Value
Dirt Devil SD20000 Versa Power
The Dirt Devil Simpli Stik is a one step solution for quick and convenient cleanups. This versatile unit functions as a stick vac, hand vac, and a utility vac all in one.
Dirt Devil Simpli Stik is a one step solution for quick and convenient cleanups.
$49.99 Value
Dirt Devil UD40270RM Reconditioned Quick Power
The Dirt Devil® Quick Power™ Vacuum is lightweight in design with bagless technology to make cleaning easy. A long cord and powerful 10 AMP motor help pick up your dirtiest messes. A premium stretch hose extends your reach with on-board dusting brush and crevice tool for above floor cleaning.
Dirt Devil® Quick Power™ Lightweight Vacuum
$99.99 Value
Essenergy DV1200 Dragon Unleashed Cordless Hand / Stick Vacuum
Essenergy's powerful cordless vacuum takes on multiple cleaning challenges with ease and portability.
The Dragon Vac
Perfect for home, automobile and boat.
$79.95 Value
Eureka 166DX Easy Clean Lightweight Vac
Ideal for quick pick-ups or cleaning smaller spaces. Weighing in at 3.6 pounds, this vacuum quickly cleans the areas that need it most. Converts to a Hand Vac to easily take care of small messes.
Ideal for quick pick-ups or cleaning smaller spaces...
$55.99 Value
Eureka 169B Easy Clean II Lightweight Vac
Hassle Free with no bags to buy due to it's washable dust cup filter and bagless design.
A lightweight stick vacuum with a removable handle.
$59.00 Value
Eureka 439AZ Pet Lover Oh! Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner
Love your pets, not their hair and odor. Pet Power Paw™ Power Brush removes stubborn pet hair from carpets, stairs and upholstery. Reduce odors caused by pets with the Charcoal Filter.
Ideal for people who need to clean up after pets...
$99.99 Value
Eureka 71B Easy Clean Hand Held Vacuum
The Perfect Vacuum for stairs, furniture and autos. Remove deeply embedded dirt from anywhere in your home or car. Ideal for cleaning stairs and auto upholstery, this hand vacuum cleans with the help of a motorized, on/off brushroll with Riser Visor®, a stretch hose and attachments for getting into tight spaces.
The Perfect Vacuum for stairs, furniture and autos!
$69.99 Value
Eureka 96JZ Cordless Quick-Up Stick Vac
The Eureka 96JZ Cordless Rechargeable 2-in-1 Quick Up - Extra Battery Included: Clean anywhere in your home easily switch between carpet, hard floors, stairs and other surfaces...
Extra Battery Included! Clean anywhere in your home with this cordless, lightweight vacuum from Eureka...
$79.99 Value
Euro-Pro EP033 Shark Hand Vacuum  (Refurbished)
Dirt and dust don't stand a chance against this hand vacuum cleaner. As Seen On TV, The Shark has a 700-watt motor for powerful handheld suction. Includes 2 accessory brushes to loosen and capture dirt from corners and crevices. The brushes can be connected directly to the base unit or used with the flexible hose. Small and powerful, it reaches areas that most hand vacuums can't. Lightweight, 2.2 lb. unit features convenient dust cup design-no replacement bags required.
Dirt and dust don't stand a chance against this hand vacuum cleaner...
$29.95 Value
Euro-Pro EP066 Turbo Hand Vac EP066 w/Free Dust Cup Filters (Refurbished)
Euro-Pro EP066 Turbo Hand Vac EP066 w/Free Dust Cup Filters (Refurbished). Light weight and easy to use for your convenience.
Same suction power of a full sized vacuum...
BONUS: Free Dust Cup Filters!
$45.95 Value
Euro-Pro EP238 Shark Canister Vacuum (Refurbished)
Equipped with a HEPA air-outlet filter, this compact, lightweight canister vacuum protects against allergens while its 1,200-watt motor produces exceptional suction power for cleaning all around the house. Suction can also be adjusted, permitting maximum power for floors and carpets and lower power for delicates like lampshades.
Light weight canister featuring 50% more suction power than many full sized vacuums.
$89.00 Value
Hoover C2094 Commercial Portapower Lightweight Cleaner
Make your cleaning experience easier and more comfortable with the Hoover C2094 PortaPower commercial lightweight canister vacuum cleaner!
Vacuum stairways, down halls, and around sharp corners with ease.
$199.00 Value
Hoover CH30000 PortaPower Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner
This lightweight and portable vacuum comes equipped with a variety of tools to meet your vacuuming needs.
Compact and easy to carry (8.3 lbs)
$199.00 Value
Hoover FH10025 SpotScrubber Multi-Surface Cleaner
Clean your showers, water-safe furniture, hard-floors, and carpets. White body with blue tanks, and easy to use tools make this an innovative way to clean your home in no time.
Clean your showers, water-safe furniture, hard-floors, and carpets...
$109.99 Value
Hoover H3040RM FloorMate SpinScrub Cleaner Reconditioned
Hoover H3040RM FloorMate SpinScrub Cleaner Reconditioned: Give your hard floors the spa treatment usually reserved for carpets! No more bucket, broom, or hands-and-knees scrubbing with this 3-in-1 cleaner that vacuums, washes, and dries hard floors so quickly you might not know what to do with all that extra time.
3-in-1 cleaner that vacuums, washes, and dries hard floors...
$150.00 Value
Hoover U4730 Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaner
This Hoover Lightweight Bagged Upright has powerful suction in a lightweight vacuum. It has an energy efficient 4 amp motor, 12 inch cleaning path with edge bristles and a low profile for tight places. Gortex outer jacket, fingertip controls, and automatic self adjusting height adjustment. Comes with a paper bag and Hepa filtration.
Powerful suction in a lightweight vacuum.
$199.99 Value
Hoover U5161-900 Fold Away Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner
A dependable vacuum is your most essential cleaning tool, and Hoover® designs a wide variety of machines to suit every user's unique cleaning needs.
No assembly required...
$149.99 Value
Hoover U5165 Fold Away Bagless Upright Vacuum
Hoover U5165 Fold Away Bagless Upright Vacuum : In spite of its reasonable price, this vacuum has a powerful 12-amp motor that is on par with some of the more expensive Hoover models. The wide 15-inch cleaning path sucks up a large quantity of debris, saving energy in multiple passes over the same area, and a front headlight illuminates darker areas, such as the backs of closets or under couches.
15 inch cleaning path, folding handle, No assembly required...
$139.99 Value
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Hoover UH30010COM Platinum Lightweight Bagged Upright with Canister
The Hoover Platinum Collection™ Lightweight Bagged Upright removes more dirt from carpet than other lightweight bagged upright models tested.* The unit also comes with a versatile, portable canister vacuum for floor to ceiling cleaning. Includes Hoover's best five year limited warranty.
Achieve the clean results you expect with less effort...
$339.99 Value
Koblenz PV3000BR All Purpose Power Vac
This all purpose machine can handle a variety of vacuuming jobs, wet or dry, with ease.
Carpet/floor tool, Brush & squeegee insert, Pick up tool, Dusting brush insert, Two extension wands, Easy glide wheels...
$199.00 Value
Lindhaus Healthcare Hepa 12
The HealthCare Pro Hepa model is compact, commercial quality and reliable for professional use. Its versatility and light weight make it an excellent machine also for domestic use.
Compact, commercial quality and reliable for professional use...
$750.00 Value
Oreck  Vacuum - XL2000 Commercial Lightweight
The Oreck XL2000 commercial upright vacuum cleaner is the lightweight solution for all commercial, industrial and many residential settings. The low profile powerhead makes it easy to vacuum under office equipment and furniture where they rise above the floor and up close to baseboards, equipment and furniture where they touch the floor, too. From room to room, surface to surface, no adjustment is required whether vacuuming hard floors or carpeting.
Lightweight solution for all commercial, industrial and many residential settings...
$250.00 Value
Panasonic MC-3920 Canister Vacuum
Panasonic MC-3920 Canister Vacuum: go from carpet to bare floors with ease, Lightweight, Streamlined Design and Carrying Handle.
Lightweight, Streamlined Design and Carrying Handle...
$119.95 Value
Panasonic MC-CG467 Canister Vacuum
Panasonic MC-CG467 Canister Vacuum: 3-in-1 Multi-Surface Brush, Lightweight and Compact Design, 17-Foot Cord with Cord Reel, HEPA Exhaust Filter.
Lightweight and Compact Design...
$169.99 Value
Royal  MRY8447 Commercial Sweeper
Battery powered Royal sweeper for quick carpet cleaning in commercial settings.
Motorized double row ball bearing brush roll...
$89.99 Value
Sanitaire S3686E Heavy Duty Canister Vacuum
A powerful multi-use canister for bare floors, low pile carpeting, and above the floor cleaning that leaves the room smelling fresh and clean by utilizing HEPA filtration.
A versatile machine that will work on bare floors, carpets and above-floor surfaces.
$299.99 Value
Sanitaire S782AT Heavy Duty Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Introducing: the Eureka Sanitaire model S782, a new lightweight vacuum cleaner with all the features of a full-sized model with the durability and power of a commercial vacuum. This versatile vac has a 2-motor clean air system. It weighs just under 14 lbs. and is easy to store with a handle that folds down from an extended height of 45.5 inches to just 28.5 inches.
Lightweight with all the features of a full-sized model & durability & power of a commercial vacuum...
$299.99 Value
Sanitaire SC3683A Commercial Canister Vacuum
Sanitaire's commercial canister, model SC3683, is a heavy-duty dry vacuum that doesn't require a lot of storage space. It's UL listed for commercial use, features a tough polycarbonate housing, 20-foot power cord and weighs only 10 pounds.
Heavy-duty compact canister, UL listed for commercial use...
$182.00 Value
Sanitaire SC689A Maid Saver Vacuum Cleaner
Sanitaire's commercial lightweight model SC689A is UL listed and ideal for hotel/motel use. The SC689 is designed with the E-Z Kleen® clear dust cup that allows the operator to see when the cup needs to be emptied. Easy to maneuver, weighing just over 14 pounds. Plus, it's easy to use on any type of carpet with four position carpet height adjustment. A 12-inch cleaning width and 30-foot power cord combine to make this commercial upright a convenient and powerful cleaning machine.
E-Z Kleen® clear dust cup...
$245.00 Value
Sanitaire SC785AT Lightweight Multi Pro
Weighing in at just over 13 pounds, this new lightweight Sanitaire® is packed full of heavyweight features. Like a commercial grade two-motor system complete with interlock reset for brush roll motor protection. Its three-position on/off switch lets you select bare floors or carpets with fingertip ease. and much much more...
Lightweight upright packed full of heavyweight features...
$219.00 Value
Sanitaire SC9050A Bagged Duralite Vacuum
By utilizing high-strength magnesium, Sanitaire was able to incorporate components that are 75% lighter than steel and 33% lighter than aluminum, all with better anti-corrosion and mechanical properties.
75% lighter than steel, 33% lighter than aluminum, with better anti-corrosion ...
$268.00 Value
Sanitaire SP1000A Precision Stick Vacuum
The Precision™ 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum quickly converts to a handvac to clean hard-to-reach places anywhere in the home. This vacuum offers cordless convenience and a built-in charging stand to ensure the 2-in-1 is always ready for quick clean-ups. The latest cyclonic suction technology and multiple ways to empty the dust cup mean no bags and no hassles. This Precision with its 180 degree, dual axis swivel neck allows effortless cleaning in, around and under anything.
Cordless convenience the 2-in-1 is always ready for quick clean-ups...
$199.99 Value
The Dirt Devil M0100 Classic Hand Vac
Dirt Devil is proud to introduce the new Classic® hand Vac. It has all the convenience of the original--now with twice the power.
Dirt Devil Classic Hand Vac
$73.99 Value

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