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VCDiscounter's Brand New Merchandise Seal
Brand New
VCDiscounter's Factory Serviced Seal
Factory Serviced / Refurbished
VCDiscounter's Approved Demo


Brand New:top

VCDiscounter's Brand New Merchandise Seal

VCDiscounter's Brand New Merchandise Guarantee

When you see this seal on one of our product pages, you can rest assured that the vacuum cleaner or other product you are purchasing is:

  • Brand New Merchandise
  • Not A Return
  • Not A Refurb
  • Previously Unopened
    • We only open the package as necessary to add accessories on your order
    • We may put extra tape on the package to help ensure it doesn't come open in transit.

    In the event that we mistakenly ship you a product other than the one you ordered, we will, at our own expense,

    • Retrieve the incorrect item AND
      1. replace it with the correct item.
      2. give your money back.
        At YOUR option!


Factory Serviced / Refurbished:top

VCDiscounter's Factory Serviced Seal

VCDiscounter's Factory Serviced Seal

When you see this seal on one of our product pages, it means that we purchased the product from the manufacturer as a Factory Serviced / Refurbished model.

What is Factory Serviced / Refurbished?

Please note: These Factory Serviced / Refurbished products are NOT returns to our store. We purchase these Factory Serviced models directly from the manufacturers in exactly the same way we purchase their brand new products. Each carries a warranty provided by the manufacturer and specified on the item's page.

These are products which have been serviced and/or refurbished by the manufacturer.


Approved Demo:top

VCDiscounter's Approved Demo

VCDiscounter's Approved Demo

When you see this Approved Demo label on one of our product pages, it means that item has been used for display and/or demonstration purposes.

Approved Demos are:

  • Clean
  • Complete
  • Mechanically sound
  • Warranted as listed
  • Some reboxed
  • Available While Supplies Last

Most have been shown but not used. All have been checked by our service staff and guaranteed clean, complete and working. Some demo items may have minor cosmetic blemishes that do not affect the performance of the item. Every demo item comes clean and complete with all included accessories unless otherwise noted, and warranted against DOA (Dead on Arrival) plus as listed on the item's description.

Demo models are in very limited supply and the offer is good only while supplies last..

  • ALL of our products are clearly labeled so that there is no way you could accidentally order a refurbished or demo product and not know it.
  • Likewise, all of our new products (the vast majority) are clearly labeled as "Brand New" with a "Brand New Guarantee" seal and a link to our guarantee in the features list.
  • Please check the individual item's description for that item's warranty period.