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Austin Air HM 410 Pet Machine Air Purifier in Sandstone


    Austin Air HM 410 Pet Machine Air Purifier in Sandstone

    Austin Air HM 410


    Austin Air HM 410 Description:

    The Austin Air Pet Machine Air Purifier is an air purification unit designed for use in your home to rid the air of pet dander, smoke and other airborne allergens. One of the most powerful air purifyiers on the market today, the Pet Machine Air Purifier features a four stage filtering system with HEPA technology. Easy to use and portable, the Pet Machine is available in five (5) attractive color options, and includes a five (5) year manufacturer's warranty. Use this Air Purifier in a space up to 1500 square feet and enjoy the benefits of allergen-free breathing!

    Model Derivatives: HM410 HM 410

    Austin Air HM 410 Features and Benefits:

    • 360 Progressive four (4) stage filtering system
    • Purifies your entire living area up to twice an hour
    • Rids home of pet allergens and dander
    • Designed specifically for pet owners
    • Uses HEPA filtration technology
    • 4 wheeled casters allow the unit to move where it is needed
    • Minimal maintenance
    • UL, CSA and CE approved
    • 22 gauge steel housing
    • Cleans 750 - 1500 sq. ft. running on high speed
    • HEPA Filter removes 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns
    • 15 lbs of Carbon/Zeolite blend reduces odors, chemicals and gases
    • Cycles over 400 cubic feet of air per minute

    Austin Air HM 410 Specifications:

    Dimensions: 23 H x 14.5 W x 14.5 D inches
    Weight: 45 lbs
    Fan Speeds: low, medium, high
    Warranty: 5-Year Mechanical Warranty

    Product specifications and design subject to change without notice.

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