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Fraud Prevention

Alternate Ship-to Address:

If your order has been flagged by our risk assessment for shipping address verification, please help us prevent identity theft and fraudulent orders by completing the steps below to verify your ship-to address.
1) Call the toll free number on the back of your card and ask to have the address listed. You may elect to have it listed as an “alternate ship-to” or in the “comments” or “notes” section of your account.
2) Reply to the e-mail notice we sent you with the customer service phone number from the back of the card. We call the card issuer directly because the national verification database does not always reflect the updated information promptly, if at all.
We will continue processing your order promptly as soon as we are able to verify the address.

Fraud Prevention Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why is my order being held when the bank shows the charge went through?
A: When you place an order online, the shopping cart system obtains approval from the bank for up to the total of the order. That does not mean that the charge has ‘gone through’ but rather than the bank has authorized a charge to the account. This actually takes place at the time you place your order and if the bank declines your card for any reason, you will not even be allowed to complete the order.

This has nothing to do with current status of your order with our company. We have initiated this hold in an attempt to verify you are the cardholder, thereby protecting the cardholder from identity theft and us from fraudulent orders.

Q: My ship-to address is the same as my bill-to address. What’s the problem?
A: If your bill-to address and ship-to address are the same, then your bill-to address returned a “NO MATCH” response from the automatic address verification system and this information needs to be corrected with your account.
Q: I shop online all the time and I’ve never had to do this before. Why now?
A: Due to incidents of fraudulent orders where the perpetrators had cardholders’ correct billing addresses and CVV codes from their credit cards, and placed orders with a different ship-to address, certain fraud prevention measures have been implemented.

We know of several other online stores that have similar requirements for verifying the ship-to address and we’ve seen a growing trend among online retailers to require this small measure for security.

Q: I ship to multiple addresses and plan on placing more orders to these different addresses. Will I have to do this for each order?
A: No. If you ship to multiple addresses and plan to place more orders, once you have verified your identity by doing this once, we will not require it from those future orders.
Q: This seems like too much trouble. What if I don’t comply?
A: This process takes only a few minutes to complete and it protects you from identity theft and us from fraudulent orders. This policy has already stopped several attempted fraudulent orders and notified the cardholders and the issuing banks that their information had been compromised.

Of course, you may cancel your order at any time before it ships without penalty. Please see our cancellation policy:


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