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Eureka 166DX Easy Clean Lightweight Vac
Ideal for quick pick-ups or cleaning smaller spaces. Weighing in at 3.6 pounds, this vacuum quickly cleans the areas that need it most. Converts to a Hand Vac to easily take care of small messes.
Ideal for quick pick-ups or cleaning smaller spaces...
$55.99 Value
Eureka 169B Easy Clean II Lightweight Vac
Hassle Free with no bags to buy due to it's washable dust cup filter and bagless design.
A lightweight stick vacuum with a removable handle.
$59.00 Value
Eureka 439AZ Pet Lover Oh! Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner
Love your pets, not their hair and odor. Pet Power Paw™ Power Brush removes stubborn pet hair from carpets, stairs and upholstery. Reduce odors caused by pets with the Charcoal Filter.
Ideal for people who need to clean up after pets...
$99.99 Value
Eureka 71B Easy Clean Hand Held Vacuum
The Perfect Vacuum for stairs, furniture and autos. Remove deeply embedded dirt from anywhere in your home or car. Ideal for cleaning stairs and auto upholstery, this hand vacuum cleans with the help of a motorized, on/off brushroll with Riser Visorฎ, a stretch hose and attachments for getting into tight spaces.
The Perfect Vacuum for stairs, furniture and autos!
$69.99 Value
Eureka 96JZ Cordless Quick-Up Stick Vac
The Eureka 96JZ Cordless Rechargeable 2-in-1 Quick Up - Extra Battery Included: Clean anywhere in your home easily switch between carpet, hard floors, stairs and other surfaces...
Extra Battery Included! Clean anywhere in your home with this cordless, lightweight vacuum from Eureka...
$79.99 Value