Sharp EC-TU5306 Vacuum - Twin Energy Upright


    Sharp EC-TU5306 Vacuum - Twin Energy Upright

    Sharp EC-TU5306

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    Sharp EC-TU5306 Description:

    Got a Quarter? - Then YOU can assemble this vacuum!

    The only assembly instructions for this vacuum are how to attach the metal handle, which is so easy it can be done using just a quarter. Just unscrew a bolt, insert the handle in the top of the machine, and replace the bolt. Your crevice tool fits perfectly into a customized storage hole carved out of the bottom of the unit near the extension hose while your expandable brush is stored on the metal handle. Your telescopic wand can be inserted into the extension hose and stored conveniently onto a clip on the backside of the vacuum.

    Now you are ready to use your new vacuum.

    For safety, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with your new appliance by reading the manual first. It will come with a disposable paper bag already installed and one extra. To unravel the cord in one swipe, simply turn the top bracket in a clockwise motion and pull the cord to release it. Set the rug/floor selector for the area you are about to vacuum and turn it on with the touch of the power button conveniently located on the handle.

    Conversation Anyone?

    The first thing you will notice is how much quieter this Sharp vacuum is as compared to the average vacuum cleaner. You can easily carry on a conversation over the sound this vacuum produces even with the variable power control all the way up.

    You’ll be equally impressed at how well this vacuum picks up. After only a few short passes over my first rug it looked brand new again. For area and throw rugs, you may need to adjust the variable power to a lower setting to avoid sucking up the rug. You control the power.

    Rugs ~ Floors ~ No Problem

    It is easy to go from rugs to bare floors with this vacuum. Simply press down the rug/floor selector to set it to FLOOR. You should always turn off your vacuum before changing this setting so that you start out on the appropriate surface for the setting. With the on/off switch so easy to reach, this is no problem.

    Guess when to change the bag? Not with this vacuum!

    Changing your vacuum’s bag is the easy part; it’s knowing when to make that change that can be difficult to figure. With the ‘Bag Change Indicator’ monitoring your bag’s filling progress, you’ll never have to guess again.

    Make the change from floor cleaning to above-the-floor cleaning with a simple flip of the suction lever, conveniently located on the back of the vacuum, and enjoy the tools:

    Extend your reach with the telescopic wand (15 ¾” normal, 25 13/15” extended, 1 ½” socket base).

    The expandable brush rests on the metal handle and attaches directly to the suction end of the wand. This bush allows you more versatility in cleaning because you can actually extend both sides of the brush by pulling out about ¾” each way, making it about 6 ½” wide as opposed to it’s original 5” width.

    The 11 ¾” crevice tool, which has a 1 ½” socket base is only about 5/8” wide, enabling it to get just about anywhere.

    Fully assembled, (with the handle on, that is) this upright stands at around 45 3/16”. While it isn’t a self-propelled model, it almost seemed like one. You’d be surprised by how easy it is to maneuver, saving you time and energy.
    This Sharp model is for customers who want a powerful yet quiet vacuum cleaner that is built to last. The included tools give you the ability to tackle just about any household job and with power over the power level (Variable Power Control), there’s no end to what you can clean.
    Model Derivatives: EC-TU5306 ECTU5306 5306

    Sharp EC-TU5306 Features and Benefits:

    • Rug/Floor Selector
    • Variable Power Control
    • Metal Agitator
    • Twin Energy Motor
    • Library Quiet
    • Protective Motor By-Pass System
    • Automatic Height Adjustment

    Sharp EC-TU5306 Specifications:

    Super Charged TechnologyYes
    Agitator Width15"
    Filter System8-Stage Filtration with True Hepa Filter
    Bag Check IndicatorYes (piston)
    Rug/Floor SelectorYes
    Variable Power ControlYes
    Dirt Detective SensorNo
    Electronic Controls w/Extra EergyNo
    Metal AgitatorYes
    Twin Energy MotorYes
    Library QuietYes
    Protective Motor By-Pass SystemYes
    Power SupplyAC 120V, 60Hz
    Motor Amp12 Amps
    Motor Wattage1,300 W
    Bag Capacity10 qt.
    Dust Disposal SystemPaper bag
    Automatic Height AdjustmentYes
    Edge CleaningNo
    Power Cord Length35 ft. (2-prong)
    On Board ToolsTelescopic Wand, Crevice Tool, Expandable Brush
    Fingertip On/Off SwitchYes
    Easy to Remove Metal Bottom PlateYes
    (W x h x d)
    14 3/4" x 13 1/2" x 45 1/2"
    BagsEC3PU2, Type PU-2
    BeltsEC02bU3, Type BU-3

    Product specifications and design subject to change without notice.

    Sharp EC-TU5306 Accessories: