Sharp EC-TU2809 Upright Vacuum

Sharp EC-TU2809 Upright Vacuum

Sharp EC-TU2809

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Sharp EC-TU2809 Description:

Sharp vacuum cleaners really deliver when it comes to combining effective cleaning with ultra low noise operation. Offering these benefits in an affordable price range is what makes Sharp vacuum cleaners the first choice for many households all across the country.

Model Derivatives: EC-TU2809 ECTU2809 2809

Sharp EC-TU2809 Features and Benefits:

  • Headlight for Thorough Cleaning
  • 5 Stage Filter System with HEPA type filter
  • Hard Shell Keeps dirt and Dust Inside Vacuum
  • Convenient On-board Tools w/ 9ft Cleaning Reach
  • Variable Power Control
  • TWIN ENERGY Motor Provides Maximum Cleaning Power

Sharp EC-TU2809 Specifications:

Headlight Yes
Filter HEPA - 5 Stage
On-Board Tools Yes
Cleaning Reach 9ft

Product specifications and design subject to change without notice.