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Bissell 58F8 Rewind SmartClean Vacuum
The Rewind SmartClean® Vacuum has a Clean Carpet Sensor that lets you know when your carpet is clean. The Clean Filter Indicator also makes maintenance easier, since you'll know when your filter needs to be cleaned or replaced, which can prevent damage.
Rewind SmartClean Vacuum: Clean Carpet Sensor, Clean Filter Indicator
$199.99 Value
Bissell 7700 Big Green Complete Canister Deep Cleaner
The Big Green Complete® deep cleaner and canister vacuum has 3 stage filtration. Dirt, debris and air the vacuum suctions up goes through a sophisticated filtration process: The water filtration stage captures and sinks large particles, including dirt, hair and crumbs. Smaller particles are captured by the secondary filter, the HEPA Media Filter cleans and filters the air passing through it.
Big Green Complete Canister Deep Cleaner
$299.99 Value

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