Apollo AAC34-W-FS Half Time Convection & Microwave Oven - White(Refurbished)

Apollo AAC34-W-FS Half Time Convection & Microwave Oven - White(Refurbished)

Apollo AAC34-W-FS

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Apollo AAC34-W-FS Description:

Combine the speed of a microwave with the radiant heat of a traditional oven to create savory, mouth-watering meals in exactly half the time.

Model Derivatives: AAC34-W AAC34 AAC 34

Apollo AAC34-W-FS Features and Benefits:

  • Cooks like a gas or electric oven in half the time!
  • Replace your old microwave oven with the most versatile, convenient cooking appliance yet. Spend less time preparing your meals and more time enjoying them!
  • Works with all of your favorite recipes simply keep the heat setting the same and reduce the cooking time by half
  • Cooks and browns like a conventional gas or electric oven
  • Food will be crisp and fresh unlike the spongy consistency of microwaved food
  • Complete Meal mode lets you cook an entire meal all at once, no need to separate food items
  • Also works as a regular microwave, with 10 power levels and one-touch cooking for common items
  • Automatically calculates pre-heating (when necessary)
  • Defrost by Weight
  • Speed Defrost
  • Auto Popcorn & Beverage

Apollo AAC34-W-FS Specifications:

Cooking Modes: Half Time, Complete Meal, Convection and Microwave
Power: 1,600 watts of turbo-powered heat in Convection mode
Microwave cooking power: 1000 Watts
Temperature Settings: 150-450 degrees
Amperage: 15 Amps
Capacity: 1.2-cubic feet
Turntable Tray Diameter: 12.5 inches
Dimensions: 20.5 inches L x 20.75 inches W x 12.25 inches H
Weight: 50 lbs
Warranty: VCDiscounter's 90 Day Warranty

Product specifications and design subject to change without notice.